Sarpadosha Nivarana Churnam (5 Packs)

Sarpadosha Nivarana Churnam (5 Packs)

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Sarpadosha Nivarana Churnam 

By bathing with Sarpadosha Nivarana Choornam every bugs can be salvage. Not only snake bugs but also heredity snake bugs (sarpadoshalu) will be destroyed.

1. Ananta Kalasapradosham

2. Gulika kaalasarpadosham

3. Vaasuki kaalasarpadosham

4. Shankhapaala kaalasarpadosham

5. Padmakaala sarpadosham

6. Mahapadma kaalasarpadosham

7. Takshaka kaalasarpadosham

8. Karkotaka kaalasarpadosham

9. Ghataka kaalasarpadosham

10. Vishadhaara kaalasarpadosham

11. Shesha Naga kaalasarpadosham etc.
 snake bugs will lost. While bathing add two spoons of this powder and take bath. It is very fruitful by bathing this powder.

Note : Head bath should not be done with this powder.

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