Sahasra Linga Archana At Your Home

Sahasra Linga Archana At Your Home

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Sahasra Linga Archana At YourHome

Sahasra Lingarchana is a unique vedic ritual to worship lord Siva. It is
performed with 1,116 Bana lingams. All these siva lingas are arranged in the
form of Kailasa prastharam which is a depiction of Siva Kailasam with 16
avaranas and 1,116 Rudra swaroopas. Siva Shakti is invoked into each Siva
lingam thru vedic mantras during Shodasa Aavarana puja and worshiped with
bhakti to seek the blessings of lord Siva for health, wealth, prosperity,
bliss and ultimate mukthi.

Here are the main program details and rough time estimates.

1. Ganapathy puja

2. Sankalpam

3. Mahanyasam

4. Sahasra Lingarchana

5. Ekadasavara Rudra AbhishekamCustomers can also use other payment options ( Paytm (7731881113) and Phonepe

This facility is avaliable for only Hyderabad Twin City only.

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