Sravanamasam Specials

Aaravali Kumkuma ( 5 Packs )

Aaravali KumkumProduct Name : Aaravali kumkum..


Ammavari Vastralu(Blue Colour)

Ammavari Vastralu(Blue Colour)..


Ammavari Vastralu(Green)

Ammavari Vastralu ..


Asanas for Gods (Mat) ( small Size)

Asanas for Gods ( small Size)You can place the God..


Ashtamulika Guggilam (6 pack)

అష్టమూలికా గుగ్గిలం పూజా కార్యక్రమంలోనూ, శుక్ర, శ..


Ashtamulika Oil ( 1liter)

Ashtamulika Oil Ashta Mulika Oil is used for lig..


Blouse Pieces (12 Pieces)

Blouse Pieces (12 Pieces)Blouse pieces which are u..



Chunari ..


Chunari With Design

Chunari With Design ..


Cup Sambrani ( For 5 pieces)

Cup Sambrani In homes or at business places r..



Daivikam This is most powerful dhoop. It is s..


Decorative Tray Set (Small)

Decorative Tray Set(Small)This tray is made of pla..


Decorative Tray with Gold Colour

Decorative Tray with Gold Colour This tray is..


Designed Kumkum Bharani

Designed  Kumkum Bharani This kumkuma bh..


Designed Round Tray

Designed Round TrayThis tray is made of plastic an..


Designed Tray Set (Big)

Designed Tray (Big) This tray is made of plas..


Gift Wrap

Gift WrapThese are ideal and appreciated to be use..


Gods Vastram

Gods Vastram..


Golden Flowers For Lakshmi Devi (108 flowers)

Golden Flowers For Lakshmi Devi (108 flowers)Produ..


Sale Gowri Devi / Lakshmi Devi Face ( Yellow )

Gowri Devi / Lakshmi Devi Face ( Yellow )

Gowri Devi / Lakshmi Devi Face ( Yellow ) Lakshmi..

₹1,199.00 ₹1,400.00

Devotional Photos


Ayush Homa


Chandi Homa


Pooja Samagri Kits

Sale Ganapathi Homam Pooja Samagri

Ganapathi Homam Pooja Samagri

₹3,219.00 ₹3,851.00



Book Contains History of "Nava Janardhana Kshetras..


Manidweepam Book

Manidweepam Book..


Significance of Sukrudu

Significance of Sukrudu Book By Pandit. Sri R..


Significance of Angarakudu book

Significance of Angarakudu Book By Pandit . Sri Mu..



Shivalayam Book Contains 5 ChaptersAbout Panc..


Rahu Ketu Graha Effects and Remedies

Significance of Rahu-Ketu BookBy Pandit . Sri Mulu..